Article: Stephen Dinehart – Dare to Engage

Stephen Dinehart is a designer, writer, teacher and artist best known for his work in narrative design and transmedia storytelling. He is founder and director of Narrware, a transmedia story studio, and The Narrative Designer’s Network a global community that fosters, supports and nurtures the burgeoning craft of interactive narrative design.


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ABOUT Stephen Dinehart

“He describes himself as a boy-wizard born from the primordial sludge of pop-culture past, Chief Wizard of Narrware, delivering interactive storytelling innovation to global audiences through a creative-spiritual mission to do nothing less than co-create a more fun-loving, adventurous and empathetic world.

He’s worked on franchises ranging from “The Marvel Universe”, “Prey”, “F.E.A.R.”, “Batman”, and “The Lord of the Rings”, to “Warhammer 40,000″ and “Company of Heroes”. His projects have won and been nominated for various awards including ‘Best Writing for a Game Production’ at the Canadian Awards for the Electronic & Animated Arts and ‘Internet Download Game of the Month’ from Edge Magazine.

He holds a MFA in Interactive Media from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and a BFA in Animation & Digital Media from The College For Creative Studies.”



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